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Support your consistency. Grow your self-acceptance. Deepen your process.

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Daily Guided Practice Sessions

We are an online community dedicated to empowering people to delight in their own learning and practice. At the core of our philosophy is the Practice Wheel, a diagram for smooth approaches to practice and learning. Join us for guided practice sessions with an online community of practicers!

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Current Sessions

*Sessions are currently geared towards string players but will soon expand into all areas of learning.


Adult Practice Community

Guided, mindful, daily practice to develop your personal practice. Currently for string players and teachers.

Sessions begin January 3, 2022.
- 11:30-12:30 Eastern


Practice Club: Teens

Practice Club for guided Practice Wheel practice session for string players ages 11-18 years old.

Sessions begin January 10, 2022.
- 5:30-6:30pm Eastern

Other areas of learning coming soon

Deeper levels of guided practice coming for many areas of learning!

*Look for our “Intro- 10 Free Practice Sessions” Package, add it to your cart and check-out.  Then sign up for a practice session under “Classes” to redeem your sessions.

Membership, Packages & Drop-Ins

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All Access Memberships

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Session Packages

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Drop-in Session

Don’t want to commit to a membership?  Join us for drop-in session at $20.

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"The practice club became their music tribe. They still focus on their own practice but seeing others on the screen also practicing makes them feel like they belong...that they are not alone. They found their tribe."
Parent of teenage participants
“It was so cool to see how effective of a tool the “Practice Wheel” became for differently aged members of our house. My 13 year old used it independently with great results. I used it on my 5 year old to start her practices and noticed HUGE improvements with focus and an effortless increase in her desire to work for longer stretches of time. And then I started using it prior to doing tasks that weren’t even music related.”
Parent of participants