our mission

We believe that developing a Rollin’ practice- a consistent, mindful, community supported process- can transform your learning and your life.


Rollin’- Daily Practice Community is a program from Education for Happiness created by Gabe Bolkosky and Steffani Kitayama.

3 Pillars to Self-Mastery

Rollin’ provides a new level of practice:

  1. A new way to establish a CONSISTENT PRACTICE (let us help you with this part)
  2. A COMMUNITY of caring teachers and practicers who support each other’s practice
  3. A process for deeper SELF-ACCEPTANCE during the practice and new approach to the mental game (in the form of The Practice Wheel)

Our Core Values

  • You matter more than your ability

  • Every person can experience self-transformation and self-empowerment through incremental learning

  • Practicing in the “green” for smooth learning and emotional, physical, spiritual and relational health

  • A community committed to deep love and compassion for ourselves and each other